Debt Unlock - The core service

Designed to unlock your debt in the shortest time possible.

  • target and remove the main stumbling blocks to your unpaid invoices
  • rapidly gain an understanding of your debt process and your customers procurement process
  • collaborate and build rapport with key stakeholders
  • Improve your cash flow

Keep your cash flow ticking over

Designed to cover annual, sick and long service leave, and the unexpected leave. Sometimes you just need the momentum of a portfolio to continue whilst one of your staff is on planned or unexpected leave. I can step in and cover for your most valuable assets

  • work on a portfolio that would otherwise be stagnant due to periods of leave

Collection Techniques

Never had to ask for money before? It can be daunting, but with a few simple techniques I can show you how easy it can be – and even fun!

Have you clearly defined your terms to suit your business

This can be particularly useful for start-ups, not for profit and small business

  • Provide positive approaches to collecting on your unpaid invoices
  • Setting clear boundaries
  • Understanding negotiation

Training Suite

Do you have a one person credit team that’s inexperienced?

Do you have a team who are all heading in the same direction but not in the same way?

Would you like some input from an expert in the field?

I can offer tailored training for your particular business and circumstances

Designed to assist teams to have a unified approach in line with company policy and ACCC Credit Guidelines.

  • target and remove the main stumbling blocks to your unpaid invoices

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